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Our History


In The 1930's The Bright Spot Cafe, Opened by Tally and Betty Winter occupied what was then referred to as the Duhamel Corner. The name was later changed to Tally's as that was how many downtown business owners who would meet for coffee referred to it. The Winters passed the restaurant down to their sons who remodeled and gave it a more popular diner-style setting while retaining the local comfort and home cooking people of Rapid City had come to expect.


Today Chef Benjamin Klinkel owns the Rapid City landmark and is creating a new style of restaurant he has dubbed the Fine Diner. With an atmosphere that resembles the casual comfort of a diner where one might expect a blueberry pancake (Tally's original recipe) bacon, egg and a hot cup of coffee along with a copy of the Rapid City Journal for under seven dollars and change, but with a more modern clean and sophisticated look. Lunch starts to take a more refined approach to revisited classics like the chicken and dumplings. Old favorites like the cheese soup on Fridays are joined by lighter options like the spicy basil vegetable soup. And you can still pick your favorite homemade pie from the original pie case. Healthy choices are created daily in the form of the "Silver Spoon" lunch special made with lettuces and produce grown specifically for Tally's Silver Spoon by a local farm.


Shopping is something chef Benjamin pays very close attention to, seeking out the best ingredients available, locally whenever possible and specialty imports from small producers all over the world. The bounty of which is displayed throughout the breakfast and lunch menus and rotates seasonally at dinner to maintain a vibrant, eloquent and sophisticated fare unique to Rapid City. In the evening the windows that made The Bright Spot bright are the same that bring into view the beauty of downtown Rapid City nights while you dine.


Benjamin attended Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and graduated with honors, following his degree with an apprenticeship under Master Chef Philippe Boulot who after only a year sent Benjamin on to France to train in Michelin starred restaurants. Benjamin continued to travel in Europe and worked in world-renowned establishments.


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